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Uniforms & Bags


What should my child wear for Preschool?


There's no uniform at Watton at Stone Preschool.  Children can wear any home clothes that are suitable for them to play in all environments.  There are, however, some things you may need to remember about your child's day at Preschool...


1) The children love messy play and, as part of the Early Years Framework, this is an area that has an ongoing focus as it helps to develop creativity and imagination, physical development and fine motor skills.  Many parents like to buy the Preschool t-shirt/ jumper so they don't have to worry about a dirty top!


2) The children love going outside whatever the weather and they can explore all the same activities outside that are designed to develop their learning.  We would only close the doors in extreme weather, so, if it's cold/ raining or hot, please ensure your child has everything they need to enjoy outdoors comfortably.  It's a good idea to leave a pair of named wellies on-site at all times.  If you need to bring in suncream it must be labelled and given directly to the staff on the door - not left in the bag.


3) If your child is toilet training or susceptible to having accidents could you please provide nappies, wipes and a change of clothes, as appropriate, in a small bag clearly labelled.





If providing a change of clothes etc please provide a sensible sized bag that the children could carry themselves and will hang easily on their peg, not taking up too much space.


Please remember to check the bag regularly for things left in at the weekend.  There should be no snacks, no medication and no nappy creams left in the bag.  The children have access to these all day.


It would also be useful to provide a separate bag, like the book bag that we can use to put in the letters and your child's fabulous art creations to go home.


Preschool T-shirts, Jumpers and Book Bags 


These hard-wearing, easy-maintenance, colourful items with the Preschool logo on are a good option to get messy in.  They are on sale at Kids Connection in Hertford.

Kids Connection, 14 Market Place, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG14 1DQ.