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Young leaders at Watton at stone school


At Watton at Stone school we believe that it is vital that we offer our children opportunities which will allow them to develop skills to assist them in all aspects of their future lives, and to help them achieve their Full Potential (one of our School Values)

In order to achieve this, the children participate in, for example;  Pupil Parliament, taking the lead in assembly's and running Fund raising activities, and in Year 6 the children are given the chance to stand as House and Vice Captain. Each child who wishes to be considered for these roles prepare and deliver a speech, detailing why they should be chosen. They then have the daunting task of delivering their speech in front of the children in their house teams. Following their speeches a vote took place to decide the new House and Vice Captains.

To ensure that the children were completely aware of the role of House and Vice Captain, a Job Description was provided...would you meet the requirements?

Job Description


  • Lead and support the children of your House in a variety of House Competitions (either face to face or virtually)
  • Work closely with the Headteacher, providing ideas and support for competitions and House related activities
  • Help organise and lead regular House Meetings (as soon as this is possible)
  • Collect, monitor and announce House Points (at present you will just be announcing house points weekly due to COVID 19)
  • Attend half termly meetings with the Headteacher
  • Inspire the children of your House
  • Be an excellent role model in behaviour, attitude and dress at all times
  • Be available for ‘out of school’ fundraising events such as fetes, after school bake sales etc
    Characteristics of House and Vice House Captains
  • Polite and well-mannered
  • Organised and committed
  • A confident speaker
  • Well-presented in uniform and appearance
  • Able to liaise and converse with staff, students and the wider community
  • Desire to act responsibly and to be a role model for other students
  • Be caring, mature and honest

    We expect you
  • To be a positive role model and ambassador for the school, demonstrating our school values.
  • To be enthusiastic and committed to the House System at Watton at Stone Primary and Nursery School
  • To be friendly and positive with all students, particularly within your House.
  • To be part of the team of House Captains who work together to achieve success for all.


We are pleased to present your House and Vice Captains for this year - 2022- 2023

YELLOW TEAM - House Captain is Blake and Vice Captain is Bella

BLUE TEAM - House Captain is Shannon and Vice Captain is Charlie

GREEN TEAM - House Captain is Jasmine and Vice Captain is Oscar

RED TEAM - House Captain is Poppy and Vice Captain is Ethan

Archbishop of York Youth Trust Young Leader Award

The KS2 Award is a fully resourced leadership and character education programme where pupils have practical opportunities to volunteer and help others in their community.

Through the scheme the children in Y5 will have the opportunity to explore:

  • Personal challenges to help others in small ways
  • School challenges to practice leadership skills
  • Organise your own community action project

Roles and Responsibilities.

At Watton School we are proud to encourage all of our children an opportunity to develop leadership skills. 


We are proud of:

Ewen and Felicity for running the Lunchtime Science club and

Edie for running the lunchtime Homework and Reading Club.


We are currently in the process of recruiting leaders for a number of key roles throughout the school.