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Watton-at-Stone Primary and Nursery School

We will all be the best that we can be.

Attendance for whole school for w/c 4th November - 95.6%. Congratulations to Herons and Badgers for 100%


School Council

The School Council has elected representatives from each class from Year 1 throught to Year 6. 

The School Council meets every three weeks; normally following a class council meeting, which is used to air and discuss matters to bring to the whole School Council. New representatives are voted in each term.

When we have important visitors the School Council representatives are often asked to meet with them or show them around the school. Council representatives soon learn to speak up, share the ideas from their class and contribute to discussions with their own thoughts and ideas.

Meetings usually cover a great deal, from asking for more equipment to how to get new students to settle into the school more quickly, to choosing the charities they wish to support in the year.

The School Council are also given responsibility in advertising and running fund raising events and they always do this with remarkable maturity and understanding of how important their input is to these charities.