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Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament at Watton at Stone school is a forum through which all the children within the school are given a voice. Pupil Parliament promotes pupil leadership opportunities and develops valuable communication and organisational skills.

All children, from Y1 to Y6, are involved in mixed year group meetings that take place at least each half term.  At the meetings the children are able to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them and their learning environments.

The children organise their own meetings, decide on the agenda and share new ideas. The meetings are lead by Y6 children, who are developing their leadership skills.

Pupil Parliament benefits the entire school, pupils and teachers because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their opinions as well as influence the decisions that are made on their behalf.


Our Pupil Parliament give the children the opportunity to explore areas such as:


Do you feel safe at school?

How do you feel about Good to be Green ?

What are some fun ways to raise money for the school?

How can we be an Eco friendly school? 


10th February Meeting Agenda : Feedback on New Behaviour Reward System, What is working well at Watton?, What could be improved and Charity interests.

Our initial Pupil Parliament meetings were a lively affair and it was wonderful to see all the children in the school positively engaged in sharing ideas and listening to others. Overall the feedback regarding our New Behaviour reward system was positive, with the children recognising the impact that it was already having within the school. Each group have provided us with a wealth of ideas to consider in the future! Lunchtime reward raffle tickets, whilst enjoyed, were cited as something that could be adapted in order to appeal to the older children.


Mrs Etienne has already updated the Behaviour system and reissued to all staff to ensure a consistent approach across the school.

Currently, the lunchtime raffle reward ticket systems has had a VIP pass trial. This meant that the holder of the VIP pass could 'jump the queue' for dinner. This privilege was well received by the Yr6 children as an alternative to the raffle prizes and the children have now been tasked to think up new ideas to be included in the prize draw.

The children have also been tasked with considering where we could establish a Calmness area and an outdoor library.

It was decided that our next charity event would be to collect items to donate to our Local Food Bank.

Next Meeting will be on 22nd April.