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Grace (1) won a Gymnastics medal and award. She passed her level 10 and was "proud to pass and receive her first medal."

Elizabeth (R) received a Gymnastics medal and award for achieving her 10. "Elizabeth is so proud to pass and receive her first medal." 

Max(6) was awarded the 'order of merit' for consistently high scores. He plays golf at Harpenden Golf club with his dad. "It was a very heavy trophy!"

Isabella achieved her first badge at Gymnastics, "she was super excited."

Grace(1) received her 'Gymnast of the Week' award. She received it for 'confidence on the high beam and her landings were amazing.'

Ava, Erin and Lily took part in the Hertford 2Km junior park run on Sunday and were very proud to finish it...

Grace is on a role at the moment achieving her level 9 in Gymnastics..

Edie (2) has achieving amazing things in Gymnastics. ...

Alessia won a medal and trophy in her running club. It was a coaches award for working hard every week and getting better showing dermination.


Darcie and Lillie Chappell and Bettie Gildersleeve took part in their first ever cheerleading competition at the weekend. 
The girls had worked very hard and did amazing!


Edward was awarded 'player of the day' from his football team 'Watton Youth'

Imogen and Edie were awarded medals for moving up to the next level in gymnastics.

Grace passed her 'Core level 8' award..

Isabelle was awarded her 2nd gymnastics badge..

Jake received a certificate for achieveing 100m in his swimming lessons.

Elizabeth achieved this award because she showed amazing strength on the ringst...

Amelia won these medals in Gymnastics..

Enzo ran the Muddy Mahem challenge .

.Max K, James and Max H joined Enzo running the Muddy Mayhem challenge. James and Max K ran really well and were in the top 20

Freya, Blake, Zosia and Poppy all ran the Muddy Mayhem junior challenge which involved obstacles.

Verity was awarded a trophy from her football club. She received it for scoring goals and scored 2 the week before....

Bobby received his trophy, from his football club, for being the 'top goal scorer.' He also won a trophy for being a good player, and a medal for playing in a tournament.

Ewen received  his football trophy from his club 

Alfie received his trophy from his club along with a medal as his team won. He also scored a penalty in the match.

Callum received MOTM playing in a Football Festival. He saved a shoot at goal even though he was not the goalie. His under 11 team were the best at the tournament..

Corinne was awarded level 3 for diving. She is now diving from the high board....

During half term Louis went on a skiing hoilday. He entered a race and was awarded with a medal.

Over the Easter holidays three children in year 2 ( Logan, Macyi and Alessia) completed the 'Mud Run ' challenge. ...

 George tells  was awarded the trophy at the Development Squad celebration

Player of the day trophy for scoring lots of goals.


Isabelle and her team travelled to Crawley on the 27th December to take part in Indoor Hockey UK's 2023 Championship for U10's. The team of 7 girls played against some top clubs but came out on top drawing one game then winning the rest. 
This is a big achievement for Hertford Hockey Club which is a relatively small club compared to those at the tournament. This success has only been achieved through the hard work of the girls doing additional training to their regular outdoor training so they could learn the indoor game.