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Welcome to The STRAKER Class!


STRAKER (Year 6)

All our classes are named after inspirational people from Hertfordshire. As we are the eldest in the school, I thought it was important to teach the children that you do not have to be rich and famous to inspire and help people. If you walk from Stevenage town centre to the train station, you will spot Mark Straker on the 'wall of fame'. 

Mark is an award winning small film maker. His real passion was to support young adults who did not find complete their education and could not find employment. He was the founder of Stevenage-based charity Positive Strides UK, which delivers arts programmes for young people. Mark had a major impact on many peoples lives and through his hard work, was able to get them through a level of education and into employment.

Why did I choose Mark? Simple, he is the father of three amazing children that came to Watton Primary. Whilst his eldest child was in Year 6, Mark unexpectedly passed away. This was a challenging and very sad time for the family and the school community. Mark was a devoted father and did all he could to support and encourage his children. After his passing, all three made it on to the GB karate squad. Today, one is in the RAF, one plays netball for Ireland and the third is off to University.

His legacy continues through his children and I hope that the children in year 6 following their dreams and have high aspirations too.  

Teaching Staff

Mrs Roberts      Mrs Shortland    Miss Knott       Mrs Stevens      Ms Ramirez     Mrs Bunce

Class Teacher            Class TA           Interventions      PE - Friday pm         PPA Cover         Interventions

                            (Every morning)     (Wed pm)                                            (Tues am)           (Thurs pm)                                                                                                                             Interventions

     (Thurs pm) 

Class Information

  • SCHOOL UNIFORM AND BOOK BAGS - Please adhere to the school uniform policy and ensure that all items are labelled.
  • PE: Currently, Outdoor PE will take place on Wednesday and Friday -  Please send your child to school in the correct PE kits and remove jewellery if they are unable to remove it themselves.  
  • WATER BOTTLES - to be brought into school daily and taken home to be washed.
  • HOMEWORK: (See School Policy) homework-policy-2023.doc  

 Homework will be given out on a Friday to be completed and returned by the following Wednesday. Please   ensure your child completes all of their homework every week as we mark it together in Year 6 and they   need to be actively involved in the lesson. There will be a letter is attached to their homework books, but   below is a quick reminder.

  • Spelling : test on Friday 
  • Maths task: Individual CGP books - questions linked to class work that week
  • Comprehension Task: either Reading Plus or a set Comprehension task for those no longer on Reading Plus 
  • Reading: 5x a week (or more). Those with Reading Plus can count 3 RP activities as part of their 5x
  • Grammar - weekly task set in CPG book