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P.E. & School Sport


Our P.E. and Sport Vision

At Watton School we place a high value on PE and sport to help our pupils achieve their full potential, from inspiring the more tentative to actively participate in PE and clubs, to encouraging competitive sports for the more able.

We promote a long term healthy lifestyle through a broad and balanced curriculum with an aim to raise enjoyment, attainment and make physical activity a staple part of the pupils daily routine.

Our PE and sport aspires to build self esteem, teamwork, leadership skills and a desire to be the best that they can be.

Taught in P.E. this year...

Foundation Stage - Dance, Gymnastics, Fundamental Skills

KS1 - Dance, Gymnastics, Team Games, Athletics, OAA (outdoor adventurous activities), Ball Skills, Yoga

Year 3- Dance, Gymnastics, Invasion Games, Net/Wall Games, Athletics, OAA, Striking and Fielding, Yoga

Year 4 - Dance, Gymnastics, Invasion Games, Swimming, Striking & Fielding Games, Athletics, OAA, Net and Wall, Yoga

Year 5 - Swimming, Dance, Gymnastics, Invasion Games, Net/Wall Games, Athletics, OAA, Striking and Fielding, Yoga

Year 6 - Dance, Gymnastics, Invasion Games, Swimming, Athletics, Striking & Fielding Games, Net and Wall, Yoga

Young Ambassadors & Young Playleaders

We have four Young Sports Ambassadors,  These children attend training sessions once a term. Their jobs are to help the PE Coordinators run clubs & school competitions, and to act as sports reporters for competitions & festivals that we attend. They also help the PE Coordinators to promote a healthy lifestyle to the school.

We have also started to allow year 6 children to organise, plan and run their own lunchtime clubs for the younger children in the school to take part in. 



Watton School travelled to Woolenwick School in Stevenage. We took the whole Netball club for an end of season friendly match.  There were four quaters and each child competed in at least two quaters. They all tried different positions and enjoyed it. The final score was 9-8 to Watton.



Watton School travelled to Woolenwick School in Stevenage. The whole football team competed in the freindly match. We had a year 5 and year 6 team. Year 5 lost, just but year 6 won.

The Daily Mile

 The children have active breaks during the day in the form of 'The Daily Mile.' At the moment every week that they complete a mile they move a long a map. The map represents countries in the Commenwealth, and they learn a fact about that country. By the end of the term the children should have journeyed around the world finding out facts about each country.

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Do to Lockdown we were unable to attend the events with other schools. This we did virtually and were awardrd the 'School Games Framework Mark'

Watton At Stone School is a member of the Youth Sport Trust which support schools in helping pupils to achieve their full sporting potential. 

We are proud as a school to achieve the gold school games mark for the fourth year running. Platinum next year!