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Sporting Achievements 

Look at all our recent achievements!

  • Year 3 children went to Wodson Park, Ware. They took part in an activity afternoon which involved Orienteering, ABC (agility, balance coordination) and Game Skills. All children enjoyed the afternoon. "I loved the reaction ball game, as we never knew where it would go" Jack


  • We attended a Tag Rugby festival and 22 year 6 pupils braved the rain and wind. Although we only had 3 weeks training the children proved how resilient they are with scoring tries in every match. "We went to a Tag Rugby festival at Hertford Rugby Club. When we arrived there were so many other schools. I had so much fun and hope I can do it again, it was the best experience ever!" Lucia.


  • During Well being week the children had the chance to take part in a different sport, Quidditch. All the children from Reception to year 6 learnt how to avoid the 'Bludger,' become a 'Seeker' and score goals. There was even a 'Golden Snitch' that they chased until they caught it! "It was great afternoon and I got to be a seeker, and scored a goal," George



  • Year 4 children attended a Development morning at Wodson Park, Ware. There they learnt orienteering and had the chance to run on the running track. They also took part in a session that involved ability, balance and coordination (ABC)." Today we went to Wodson park, we did lots of different activities. We had lots of fun, there was balls and lots of stuff. And my favourite bit was, everything!" Ollie



  • Our football team attended a tournament at Stevenage Football Club. They played 4 games and won 3, drew the 4th. The team won the competition by 1 point which means they now represent Stevenage F/C at the next tournament. "I can't believe that we won," James



  • "On Monday me, Charlie B, Max K, Harry, Dylan, Dexter, Charlie C, Charlie MH and Austin went to a Sportshall competition. We took part in races such as over and under (hurdle and tunnel) and obstacle. The relays were 2 x 2 and 1x 1. We also did the long jump, triple jump, speed bounce and chest push. We won the boys competition and came 5th in the mixed. There were 6 schools in the competition" by James Powell

  • Our year 6 class learnt that they had won the National Cross Curricular competition. They needed to find numbers following instructions through points of the compass. This was timed and the fastest pair was entered in the competition.  



  • The school entered the HWSSP cross country at Hertford Rugby club with a year 6 boys and girls team. The distance was a mile around the Rugby pitch's. The boys raced first and coming down the home straight there were 8 runners fighting for the three medals. Max K came 3rd and James 4th. The team came 4th out of 9. The girls raced next and Corinne was first home with all the team finishing and the team coming 7th out of 9. Well done to all the runners

  • Year 4 went to Wodson Park to attend a Rapid Fire competition. Rapid Fire is a form of cricket for the younger children. All the children took part and we were awarded with 4th, 5th and 7th. Because we were the highest placed medium school we progressed to the Herts School Games County Final. "There were some good teams but we tried our hardest" Ewen. 

  • The year 4 team that qualified for the county finals travelled to Hertfordshire University. We played against 6 other teams from across the county. The games were fast and furious and the children did not have much time to rest. They kept going right to the end and were awarded with joint 3rd. Well done to all 8 of them.

  • The children in year 2 attended a 'development afternoon' at Wodson Park. They had the chance to run on the Athletics track as well as cricket, obstacle course and orienteering.

    "I loved running round the track. It felt like I was in the Olympics!" Edward. "It was such a fun afternoon. We did a lot of games. I don’t have a favourite because they were all so good". Martha.

  • The Netball club travelled to Woolenwick school to compete in a friendly match. As the whole team went there were a lot of substitutions and everyone had at least two quarters of play. It was an enjoyable game and Watton came out on top 9-8. 

  • The Football club travelled to Woolenwick school to compete in 2 friendly matches. The team was split into a year 5 and year 6 team. The year 5 team lost 3-0 and the year 6 team won 6-0. Well done to both teams.

  • Year 5 attended the WWW Games at Wodson Park. This had a Commenwealth Games theme and we were given the Malta as our country. The first activity was a parade down the running track of the flags before they went for a warm up around the track. the children then split into their events; mini rounders, table tennis, badminton, rebound ball, rapid fire cricket, athletics and cheerleading. We came first in the rebound, second in the cheerleading and third in the badminton. Well done to the whole class.

  • 8 year 5 pupils were invited to attend the 'Herts School Games' final at Oaklands College. They were entered in the inclusive golf and cricket competition. After the opening ceremony they went of to there activities, in their green Hertford and Ware te-shirts. They won the silver medal and most importantly they received the 'Respect' baton, which we were very proud of. After lunch they played golf and won a bronze medal, and another 'Respect' baton which made us doubly proud.

  • 2 year 6 pupils were invited to the attend the 'Herts School Games' final at Oaklands College. They were entered in the 'Connect Carousel' which was to help the transition to secondary school. Both children started with archery and were a bit pensive to staqrt of with. They soon started to really join in and at the end received the 'teamwork' baton. Well done.

  • 14 children travelled to Wodson Park on the 2nd December for an 'Inspire and Achieve' afternoon. They took part in four activities throughout the afternoon. Our first was boxing/fitness were the children learnt all the different punches and some fitnes that is needed. The next activity was Boccia and New Age Kurling, which had a competitive part which the children really enjoyed. Archery was next with some of the children hitting bullseye(and notice boards). The last activity was a new event called 'Rebound' which used mini trampolines that they threw a ball at and their partner tried to catch. They all came away with a medal and had a great time

  • Year 2 travelled to Wodson Park for a Development Day and took part in various activities. First they participanted in Sportshall athletics, which included hurdling, javelin and jumping. Next they went outside to enjoy some orienteering, before going back inside to try cricket. (We certainly have some budding cricketers) Our last event was tennis, trying different activities assoiciated with that sport. The children really enjoyed themselves and there was much chatter on the coach on the way home


    Eight children from year 4 took part in a quick-fire cricket competition at Wodson Park on Friday 3rd March 2023.

    The children competed against five other schools, playing each school once and each game consisting of batting twice and fielding twice.  The children from Watton were an amazing team, working together and doing their very best.  We had an amazing catcher in Monty, some fabulous fielders in Isabelle, Maia, Mila and Ronny and some tactical batters in Noah, Erin and Henry. We are proud of each and every one of them.

  • All of year 6 went to Wodson Park, Ware to compete in the mediumn school Sportshall competition. They ran in relays including the obstacle, over and under and the 6 lap Parlauf. All the pupils did a field event which included speed bounce, standing long jump and triple jump and chest push. At the end 3 girls and boys threw the foam javelin. We were really proud of the whole class. "I enjoyed the javelin best as it is my best event" Eli

  •     Year 1 travelled to Wodson Park for an activity afternoon. They tried out different activities such as Boccia, Archery and cricket skills. They all enjoyed their afternoon out and certainly learnt some new skills
  • Year 5 went to Wodson Park for the WWW games. We were given Argentina as our country for these games and it started with parading an Argentina flag around the track. We entered Rapid Fire and they won the silver medal, losing gold by one point. We also entered badminton, cheer-leading and archery. We won silver in the bowls competition and we won respect medal in the rounders competition.


  • 10 pupils from year 2 went to Sele school to take part in a Rapid Fire festival. This was a new event for the year 2's and after a few practices they went to this festival ready. They really enjoyed themselves and came away from the festival with smiles.
  • 2023/24

  • Year 4 went to Wodson Park for a development afternoon. They took part in new events such as Bollywood dance and boxing fitness.

  • Year 3 attended a development afternoon at Wodson Park. They took part in events such as Bowls and Rapid fire Cricket.

  • Some year 5's and year 6 went to Wodson Park for a Sportshall competition against 5 other schools. Sportshall involves indoor athletics such as running, throwing and jumping. All the races are relays in teams and the throwing- jumping are also in teams. We had a great event as the girls came third (bronze medal) and the boys won (gold medal)

  • Some year 5's and year 6's attended a Tag Rugby festival at Hertford Rugby club. As it was a festival the points did not count and there was coaching for the children as they played. Unfortunately there was a thunder storm while we were there and the event was cut short. We are hoping to re schedule for later in the year.

  • Year 4 attended a Rapid Fire competition at Wodson Park. The children played really well and we were the first small school and 5th overall. All the children enjoyed the event.

  • 7 pupils from year 5 and 6 competed in a cross country event at Hertingfordbury school. It was quite hilly and muddy and some of the children thought it was tough.