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Parent Forum

What is the Parent Forum?

The Parent Forum is a partnership between parents and the school. It consists of a group of parents who meet regularly with the Head Teacher. The Parent Forum is made up of one parent representative for each year group.

The key aims of the Parent Forum are:

  • to share information, knowledge and skills
  • to support good communication between parents and the school
  • to discuss issues of importance to parents and consider possible actions to address those issues
  • to allow parents to present new ideas that will benefit the school community to the Head Teacher

How often does the Parent Forum meet?

The Parent Forum meets once every half term. Meeting dates are set out in the Dates for your Diary section of the weekly school newsletter.

What is discussed at the meetings?

At each meeting the Head Teacher shares information on issues or developments affecting the school and asks for feedback from parents. Parent representatives can also add items to the agenda for discussion. Minutes of the meeting are taken and are published on the school website.

How can I raise an issue?

Please contact the parent representative for your year group:



Nursery: We currently have a parent vacancy for this class

Email: Nurseryparentforum@wattonatstone.herts.sch.uk


Reception: Eleni Stylianou

Email: Receptionparentforum@wattonatstone.herts.sch.uk


Year 1: Sarah Innes

Email: Year1parentforum@wattonatstone.herts.sch.uk


Year 2: Helen Smith

Email: Year2parentforum@wattonatstone.herts.sch.uk


Year 3: Claudia Ovenden

Email: Year3parentforum@wattonatstone.herts.sch.uk


 Year 4: Helen Blacktin

Email: Year4parentforum@wattonatstone.herts.sch.uk


Year 5: Alex Hurt

Email: Year5parentforum@wattonatstone.herts.sch.uk


Year 6: Sam Cove

Email:  Year6parentforum@wattonatstone.herts.sch.uk


Parent Forum Meeting 25th January 2021

Agenda and minutes

Parent Forum Meeting 21st June 2021

Agenda and Minutes

Parent Forum Meeting 4th November 2021

Agenda and Minutes

Parent Forum Meeting  16th May 2022

Agenda and Minutes

Parent Forum Meeting 2nd March 2021

Agenda and minutes

Changes made to remote learning and plans for school reopening 8th March - 26th March 2021

Parent Forum Meeting 26th January 2022

Agenda and Minutes

Parent Forum Meeting 8th November 2022

Parent Forum Meeting 20th June 2023

Parent Forum Meeting 28th April 2021

Agenda and minutes

Exiting Restrictions Summer 2021. Powerpoint presented at Parent Forum Meeting on 28th April 2021

Parent Forum Meeting 22nd March 2022

Agenda and Minutes

Parent Forum Meeting 1st March 2023

Parent Forum Meeting 21st November 2023

Parent Forum Meeting 27th March 2024