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Growth Mindset


Growth Mindset is an approach to teaching which promotes mindset as being more important than initial ability in determining the progress made by pupils in their mathematical understanding. Pupils with a growth mindset will make better progress than pupils with a fixed mindset.


Pupils with a growth mindset

  • Believe that talents can be developed and great abilities can be built over time
  • View mistakes as a learning experience
  • Are resilient
  • Believe that effort creates success
  • Think about how they learn


Pupils with a fixed mindset

  • Believe that talent alone creates success
  • Are reluctant to take on challenges
  • Prefer to stay in their comfort zone 
  • Are fearful of making mistakes
  • Think it is important to 'look smart' in front of others
  • Believe that talents and abilities are set in stone, you either have them or you don't


We are a school that has promoted pupils developing a ‘growth mindset’ for many years. We have high ambitions for all children who join us as we believe that ability is not fixed and that with hard work, and a positive attitude towards learning, good progress will be made. This approach is based on the theories of Dr Carol Dweck , author of ‘Mindset – The Psychology of Success’ 2006. We believe that with hard work and effort anything is possible.

“With a growth mindset students understand their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence.” C. Dweck

At Watton at Stone Primary School we want the children to value effort, embrace challenge, respond to feedback and view their mistakes as the first step in learning. We want them to have high aspirations for themselves and believe that their goals are attainable. We believe that this mindset will help students to achieve not only at Watton at Stone but also in their future lives.

If you want to find out more...

Online:   https://www.mindsetonline.com


• Summary of Mindset: by Carol Dweck 2017
• Mindset – Changing the way you think to  Fulfil you Potential 2012 by Carol Dweck