Sporting Achievements 

Look at all our recent achievements!

Blake Sutton (Hedgehogs) - Was awarded the man of the match trophy this week at his football club.

Zach Wilson (Owls) - Has achieved his stage 3 award at swimming.

Gracie Miles (Owls) - Has achieved her yellow belt in Karate.

Jamie Hanlon (Foxes) - Was awarded the man of the match trophy for the second time in a row at his football club.

Willow Storey (Foxes) - Has achieved her level 4 and rainbow badges at swimming. Was also awarded the gymnast of the week trophy and the opposition player of the match at football. 

Freddy Forde (Foxes) - Won the boys match tennis competition.

Corben Serafinowicz (Badgers) - Took part in the Rebound Project and won a medal.

Samuel May (Badgers) - Took part in a swimming gala for his Cub group. He came 1st in the freestyle race and his group came 1st overall out of 7 teams! He also achieved his 50m badge at swimming club.