Extra Curricular Sporting Achievements

Look at all of our achievements! 

Emily P (Badgers), Ilana (Badgers), Poppy (Owls), Willow (Owls), Aaliyah (Owls) - "We played football together as a team""My brother told me how to drag the ball back and I scored" 

Riley, Jack, Blake (Squirrels) "We got into the squad and we passed" "I got man of the match for scoring 6 goals"

Jake (Stags) Most improved player. "My manager looked to see who was playing the best at each match and chose me"

James (Rabbits), Sid ( Hedgehogs), Dylan ( Hedgehogs), Austin ( Rabbits), George (Rabbits) " We won all our matches and we tried our best"

Freddy (Owls), Jamie ( Owls), George (Foxes) " We played a tournament and we won 7-0 against Welwyn". "In our last match we heard our coach encourage us to pass and I managed to score". 

Lily ( Hedgehogs) Stage 2 Swimming

Alex (Badgers) Triathlon. "Alex has completed two triathlons in the last fortnight. He has focused well and shaved off 25 seconds from his swim and over a minute over the run course"

Dexter (Rabbits) - Stage 3 swimming award.

Noah (Foxes) - Stage 3 swimming award.

William B (Foxes) - Player of the match in football.

Jamie (Owls) - Football award.

Riley (Squirrels) - Player of the match in football.

Callum C (Stags) - Took part in a swimming competition in Germany.

Maddy W (Stags) - Best newcomer in rugby.

Corben (Foxes) - Level 5 gymnastics award.

Millicent (Squirrels) - Stage 2 swimming award.

Alex (Badgers) - 19th in East region aquathlon.

Leo (Stags) - Team player award for football.

James (Rabbits) - Player of the match in football.

Freddy (Owls) - Completed a mini mudder obstacle run.

George (Owls) - Completed a mini mudder obstacle run.

Ilana (Badgers) - Football award.

Beau-Lillie (Foxes) - Boxing belt.

Tegan (Owls) - Gymnast of the week.

Dylan (Hedgehogs) - Player of the match in football.

Sid (Hedgehogs) - Football medal.

Austin (Hedgehogs) - Stage 1 swimming award and a football medal.