Extra Curricular Sporting Achievements

Look at all of our achievements! 

 Chaya Grandage (Badgers) - Swimming awards for 10m backstroke, 10m front crawl, and 10m breaststroke.

James Banks (Foxes) - Football player of the match, for good skills.

Illana Ashley-Haylock (Herons) - Football girl of the match, saved loads of goals.

Riley Mayson (Hedgehogs) - Football man of the match, scored 2 brilliant goals.

Harry Cross (Foxes) - Football man of the match.

Bradley Noble (Herons) - Karate award.

Aaliyah Osler (Foxes) - Karate award.

Charlie Clowes (Hedgehogs) - Swimming award.

Isabella Clowes (Owls) - Swimming award.

Charlie Babbage (Hedgehogs) - Karate award.

Alex Gregory (Herons) - Competed in phase 2 of the Stevenage Swimming Club Championships on Sunday 29th October. SIlver medals in 100m breaststroke, 50m breaststroke and 50m backstroke, with personal best times.

Teah Gregory (Herons) - Represented Hertfordshire at the regional level 6 gymnastics finals in Ipswich. She performed well and won silver on the bars and floor and placed highly on the vault and beam. Placed 1st overall! Also competed at the Stevenage Swimming Club Championships, achieving a bronze medal for the 100m individual medley and silver in the 50m freestyle.